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In a nutshell, it is part of our community culture and tradition to use proverbs (ilu), parables (ukabuilu), and idioms(akpaalaokwu)  to communicate and express the wisdom of our people and ancestors.

Professor Albert Chinua Achebe, a prominent son of Igboland once defined ilu (proverb) as “the salt with which words are eaten”.

The following are a few and their meanings;

It’s a courageous man that will stay put  persistently and steadfast till the end of a journey, struggle or a noble course.

Act fast before the target respond, in order to control its response.

An experienced  person in a matter, an issue or a particular field would always have more insight than a newly introduced person.

An Iwollo brother doesn’t hit a fellow brother where it hurts

Members of our community are from different network and works of life.

Unity is strength

Today you might be flying up the sky, tomorrow you’ll need one on the ground to carry you. Be humble, love people and invest on people.

Ideas don’t have a date.