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Community Secondary School Aguobu Iwollo started in 1982. It was Late Prince Charles Udebune of blessed memory who was the brain behind the building of a secondary school in Aguobu Iwollo. About the years 1971-1981, Prince Charles Udebune was an education officer, at Ezeagu Local Government educational department.
Also, one Mr. Onyebuchi from Anambra state was the supervisor of Education in Ezeagu and Udi areas of Enugu State.

Mr. Onyebuchi was residing at Igwe Ofor’s premises at Amansiodo Oghe. During his tenure, the Federal Government was approving for each L.G.A a new secondary school.
Mr. Onyebuchi and our late brother Charles were friends and colleagues in Education, he gave Mr. Udebunu a promise to build the new secondary school at Aguobu Iwollo.
But somehow along the line, late Igwe Ofor got the information and was annoyed that Mr. Onyebuchi who was enjoying his hospitality did not consider his community for this Federal Government project.

However, Late Prince Charles Udebune and other progressives in Aguobu Iwollo saw the need to start building the secondary school and appealed to the various age grade of the community to take on the challenge. It was the youth and the women of Aguobu Iwollo who gave the community a secondary school under levies and direct Labour. While the youths contributed labor, the women provided food and water for the laborers.

Through community contributions, materials for the work were purchased. They divided themselves in such a way that the man worked the youths became labourers while the women supplied water as well as food.
The arrangement worked like clockwork, under two years the youths gave Aguobu Iwollo a secondary school.

It was Rev. Fr. Stan Ani of the blessed memory who commissioned the school. He was so impressed by the efforts of the community that he offered to give automatic employment to any student with the best WAEC result. That was how Dr. Edwin Izueke got employed by the school board.

After the commissioning, the school flourished to become the premier secondary school in Ezeagu L.G.A having the highest population of students.

But calamity befell the school in 1990 when armed robbers invaded the school and strangled one of the security officers to death. His name was Arinze Ogbuja Odunwamkpa (alias Nkotontiti). After this misfortune, the school witness dwindling fortune which was aggravated by Igweship battle which has lasted for 15 years. During this period, once famous CSS Aguobu suffered untold neglect which made it a ghost of itself.

The situation now in the school is better seen than described. In fact all the buildings in the school are likely to go down this rainy season if nothing is done urgently.

We thank Emeka Nnakwe of Akauzo Obinagu of Aguobu Iwollo for the interest he has shown the school recently. May God continue to bless him.

C. A. Aliozo Esq