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My dear Crescent your demise is a big loss to the Ozor-aniagolu family and Akanenwe of Ezeonyia in Aguobu Iwollo generally.

Mr. Crescent Chiaha is a silent genius. Silent in the sense that he did not make noise about his worth but given an opportunity to act, you would not hesitate to award him the accolades. I met Crescent at Community Primary School (CPS) Aguobu Iwollo in 1958 in standard two.

During these years, Imezi was lonely because of the farming season. Our people went to their farms for effective farming. The children solved the problem of loneliness by organizing themselves into groups and finding a place where there are elderly women who do not go to the farm.

That is how Aniemezie Aliozo, Emmanuel Nzekwe, Crescent Chiaha, Leonard Ozoronuaha, and Raphael Chikelu came to live in Umuozojukwu during their final school days, to solve the problem of loneliness (uga-agu) during the farming season.

These old women included Mama Clement Ikwueze popularly known among children as Nwololoo meaning Nwaigwegbu Amuma, Mrs. Uduegbu Nduaguba (Mama Ozor-Oforagazie).

The old women were highly appreciative of the children’s problem and showed overwhelming kindness.

We read the highest class in Aguobu-Iwollo in 1958 which was standard 4, then heading to CPS Iwollo we were placed in the 5B class.

In that class, Crescent maintained the overall best student in 5 A&B and because of this, our teacher Dr. Gregory Ogbuike gave him the nickname of ONYENWEGWU,  the name by which he was known throughout the rest of his career in CPS Iwollo.

During our time in school, CPS Iwollo parish has one central religion examination for standard 6 pupils. The schools in the parish were Mgbagbu Owa, Aguobu Owa, Owa Imezi, Owha Imezi, central school Oghe, Akama, Amansiodo, Amankwo, and Okpogho.

In the 1961 religion examination, our Onyenwegwu took the first position in the entire parish.

In recognition of his performance, the mission offered him a scholarship for his teacher training college, but he rejected it in preference to secondary education.

Crescent gloriously concluded his primary education at CPS Iwollo by bagging one of the two distinctions in the FSLC ( First School Leaving Certificate ) examination in 1961.

As we were leaving the school in 1961, our teacher Mr. Emmanuel Anidobi alias Igbo-Wan gave some of us letters, for our parents.

The content of the letter was to urge the parents to endeavor to send their children to a secondary (Post-primary) school.

Under the motivation and encouragement of this letter, Crescent found himself at Fatima High School Aguobu-Owa. Crescent finished the first term but could not go back for the second term because of financial problems.

A few weeks after the resumption of the second term their principal Rev. Fr Dine found out that Crescent was not attending classes, his inquiry shows that it was because of finance. Without wasting time, the principal with some Iwollo boys drove to Aguobu Iwollo and met Cosmas Chiaha the elder brother of Crescent. They discussed the Crescent problem and struck a covenant.

On the terms of the covenant, the principal took Crescent back to school to continue his studies.

During the 1966 WAEC examination, Crescent did the Fatima high school proud by coming out with a first class which was then called Division One.

Crescent suffered from one terrible disease which he survived by the Grace of God. During that time, there was no money to go to the hospital. The nature of the disease was that his head was very hot. I took Crescent to Mr. Chidobi  Odinwamkpa, who was very popular for herbal medicine. He assured us that he will cure Crescent provided that he took the medicine with faith and diligence. In less than 3 months Crescent regained the coolness of his head and his health.

The war ended in 1970, and in his lucky way, he got employment with the school management board as an account clerk.

He stayed briefly there and left for UNTH as a Pathologist in training. He was still working in the Pathology department when he secured admission into the Chemistry department at UNN. After 2 years in the Chemistry department, he realized that he would not make it through the Chemistry department because of finance.

He, therefore, changed to Psychology from which he graduated with honors.

Dear your ascending directorship before retiring was not plane sailing we had to fight for it. It happened in this way. You heard of the move to impose an officer junior to you to transfer the directorship to him.

When I heard of the move I asked you to collect all information in writing hiding no facts or persons. You did this. As a lawyer, I made a legal case in your favor and against those blackmailing you. I promised a full legal battle for those scheming to overthrow you the documents were served on those that schemed to overthrow you. These documents ended their threats.

My dear Crescent your life was eventful and we thank God for you, that despite the odds and challenges you have fulfilled the purpose for your life (Jeremiah 1:5 and Ephesians 2:10)

Goodbye Crescent A.K.A Onyenwegwu.

May your glorious soul rest in the bosom of the lord.



Barr. Christopher Aniemezie Aliozo