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Aguobu Iwollo Autonomous community was an integral part of Iwollo community historically. Aguobu Iwollo was born out of exigency and need to protect Iwollo from hostile neighbours therefore to protect Iwollo community from external aggression brave men of valour were selected from the five indigenous villages of Iwollo to relocate to the boarders of Iwollo. These men put-up outpost for the purpose of securing the boarders of Iwollo thereby establishing farm settlements.

This was the reason why Aguobu Iwollo was a replica of Iwollo being made up of five villages of Iwollo namely: Ezeonyia, Ndibunagu, Amagu, Obinagu, Owolloti.

Aguobu Iwollo because of it’s historical circumstance became a very strong and compact community. It fought many inter communal wars and won them. It’s bravery earned it nick names or acronyms like Aguobu Ezebunagu, Igbo giri ukwuta guchie uzo, Aguobu Ezenike, Iga bu na Ofia etc.

Because of it’s distance from Imezi Iwollo, Aguobu Iwollo suffered some neglect in the sharing of social and political objects. This political and social disadvantage turned out to be the bases of the strong spirit of self determination which became a driving force for rapid development of the community through self help project.

For instance, the community through community efforts built it’s primary and secondary schools. In the same way, through community levy’s and donations the community built it’s rural electrification and water schemes which gave light and water to the remotest areas of the community.

In recent times through the efforts of some illustrious sons of the community Niger foundation opened their health centre at Aguobu Iwollo where medical experts attend to the people of Ezeagu and other communities of Enugu State. The Opus Dei has also established an international conference centre at Aguobu Iwollo which Organises retreats and talks for people from different parts of the world.

Most recently, because of the above social infrastructure, the Enugu State Government made Aguobu Iwollo the permanent sight of Enugu State polytechnic Iwollo.

However, the galloping development being witnessed by Aguobu Iwollo was bedevilled in the past decade by Igweship dispute in the community which took its toll in our infrastructural, emotional and social development.

We are happy to state that the matter is coming to an end as a result of the Appeal Court judgement given on the 10th day of May 2021. We are now asking the Governor of Enugu State to implement the court judgement to bring the dispute to an end.

C.A Aliozo. Esq