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APGA Federal House of Representative Candidate for Udi – Ezeagu Constituency Assures All-inclusive and Good Governance from him come 2023.

The eldest man in Aguobu-Iwollo Continues to pray for the APGA Federal House of Representative Candidate UDI-EZEAGU Constituency Chief Engr. Willy Okeke (OMELUORA)

Engr. Willy Okeke, who from the video is thanking the eldest Man in Aguobu, Iwollo-Ward for his prayers and blessings, for calling on Oga n’ Igwe the creator and  God of Ezeagu-Igbudu upon his political pursuit during his visit to Iwollo ward. Chief Omeluora through the delegates he sent in the video accompanied by Amaechi Nnaemezie the Chief Security Officer of the community and the Treasure of the Town Union Engr. Nicolas, staged this to appreciate the igoor Oji tradition and spiritual movement by Ozor Ezeakor Aniakor of Amagu village in Aguobu-Iwollo.

Omelora Ezeagu, popularly known as Willangy also sends his appreciation to the entire people of the Autonomous Community, and Iwollo ward for their support and assures everyone of an all-inclusive good governance from him come 2023.

Chief Engr. Willy Okeke is currently working on the road he promised the people of Aguobu-Iwollo. He has completed the one at Anike Iwollo Omashi and he is also doing the same in some other communities in Ezeagu.

Engr. Willy Okeke has over 12-Iwollo sons and daughters working in his firm and has built a big Catholic parish for the good people of Ezeagu. The Wilangy Foundation has about 200 students on scholarships at different levels.

Long live Omeluora Ezeagu, the APGA Federal House of Representative Candidate for Udi-Ezeagu. “Nke a bu nke anyi”