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The CEO Wilangy Construction LTD, Chief Engr. Willy Okeke, Omelu-Ora Ezeagu (who is running for EZEAGU-UDI Federal House of Representatives) has accepted to help the people of Aguobu-Iwollo in Ezeagu – Udi constituency to fix the most important road in the community which deteriorated into a mini lagoon/swamp during the last raining season.

Chief Willangy proposed this during his visit to Iwollo Omashi last Wednesday 23rd November 2022 when he came to assess the situation of things in Ezeagu North. He noted that the people of Aguobu Iwollo have, by a letter, cried to him about their education system and bad roads and requested that he comes to their rescue.  Omelu-ora Ezeagu has also commenced work in Iwollo central and will be going down to Aguobu-Iwollo from there. He has done the same in some other communities in Ezeagu and has proposed he will continue to repair/provide link roads in Ezeagu – Udi communities as this will help his people, existing and prospective businesses to build upon the improved access to the community, reduce rural-urban migration, help Ezeagu-Udi farmers access their farmlands, and boost the productivity of SMEs in Ezeagu – Udi.

Engr. Willy Okeke who hails from Umumba Ndi-agu in the Ezeagu local government Area of Enugu State is an astute businessman who has over 3 decades of experience in the private sector. As the Chairman of the Willangy group of companies, he has created thousands of jobs in different sectors of the Nigerian economy including oil and gas, construction, agriculture, manufacturing as well as local and international trade.

We are, therefore, forever grateful to have such a well-renounced philanthropist and entrepreneur from EZEAGU in Agbaja land.

May the “Oga n’igwe” of Igbudu and Agbaja land the creator and god of the universe continue to guide, protect him and place him in positions that he will use to serve us better.